When it comes to businesses promoting their well-honed pitches over their results, the real estate industry is often at the forefront.

And with results being the only measuring device in a real estate business that is worthy of accolades, you want to make sure that beyond all the hype and pretty advertising, that fast results are what you get!

With PRBC Int’l Realty, that is exactly what clients – both buyers and sellers – achieve, fast sales at the right price.

And what’s more…???

In a time of real estate uncertainty and a “buyers” market, Int’l Realty and the team have managed to achieve what 99% of real estate companies could only dream of.

So what’s the secret behind PRBC Int’l Realty’s results?

Information on new opportunities offered to PRBC Int’l Realty’s targeted database before released being to the general market.

There are several traits that separate PRBC Int’l Realty from other commercial real estate companies, with perhaps the main one being…

Speed of Sale – The vital ingredient.
For a lot of the high-end clients PRBC Int’l Realty deals with, time really is money. The longer a property sits around waiting to be sold, the more money it loses. And not just on the sale of the property, but also in tying up money when it could be generating profits elsewhere and easing the burden – which in the current market is always a concern – of being over-committed.
This is why PRBC Int’l Realty believes that when it comes to selling any real estate property, a fast sale is crucial; with one caveat being NEVER at the expense of the right price.

“The best – kept secret ” is exactly what PRBC Int’l Realty team owned. We take a great deal of pride in making sure that this mantra is lived up to every time they speak with and deal with clients regarding the buying and selling of real estate.

Here are other important facts you may want to kow about PRBC Int’l Realty:
They are a major source of land for sale to the Building & Construction, Property Investment & Wealth Creation Industries, Resort & Spas, Town & Cities ….
Les has worked as a buyer’s agent for high net individuals and professional investors.
They have successfully negotiated large property sales to a government body; a feat that only a few others have achieved.

Want more reason to contact PRBC Int’l Realty? Reasons Why Other Sellers Have Chosen To Use PRBC Int’l Realty To Sell

* No Compulsory Advertising & Marketing Fees, saving you thousands and thousands of dollars.
* Sales Commission is capped – No Extra’s.
* Non-exclusive listings. You are not locked in to exclusive listings with Opportunity Realty, when selling by private treaty, giving you flexibility.
* Secret and Confidential Off-Market Sales; A lot of high end clients wish to keep the sale of their properties discreet, and PRBC Int’l Realty specialize in this area.
Eager Partners; PRBC Int’l Realty’s entire network of real estate brokers and affiliates will be encouraged to actively market your land for sale to their entire buyer list.
* PRBC Int’l Realty will conjunct with other real estate agents.
* Cashed Up Buyers; PRBC Int’l Realty have an extensive list of active, cashed up real estate buyers, to instantly brief, regarding land for sale and commercial real estate for sale.
* PRBC Int’l Realty is able to quickly bring real estate buyers to the table for commercial real estate and development sites for sale by negotiation.

So if you are looking to partner with a company that prides itself in getting results, then make sure you get in touch with PRBC Int’l Realty today.